Below are links that ESL students can use to improve their skills using audio and video  







English Meeting
edutainment, content based, quizzes in videos–click on “English lesson videos” at home page beginning to advanced, listening, pronunciation, vocabulary & more

ESL Video
listening w/ quizzes beginning through high intermediate

Fun Easy English
some video with quizzes

Live Mocha
web 2.0 (newer), students can record their voices, interesting

English Baby
some lesson have video-look for the tv screen icon

Real English - Free Videos
commercial, but some free video here, basic stuff, student may enjoy


You Tube video

Skill: Pronunciation

This is the widest selection
of ESL video on the Internet for free. Some of the content is bad and some quite good.

I have spent time researching to filter out less useful video.

Here is some of my guidance.



Jennifer ESL
pronunciation lessons as well as grammar, vocabulary, slang, & some other aspects of English
Do a Youtube search: “JenniferESL, pronunciation”

one video, helpful

edutainment, pronunciation

Accent Master Lynn
click on her channel, quite good

Sozo Exchange
a channel focused on pronunciation, good material here

Mister Math
one video, helpful

FunEasyEnglish video 1 video 2

Japan Linked


ESL spells

Action Teacher

Rebecca ESL

Teacher Joe Deveto

You Tube video

Skill: Listening


ESLJoan video 1 video 2

listening comprehension with quizzes video 1 video 2 video 3 video 4


You Tube video

Skill: Writing


one video

college writing

discussion essay - many writing videos on his channel IELTS focus

writing tips

vocabulary, writing, & word maps - many writing videos with an IELTS focus on this channel

You Tube video

Skill: Vocabulary

this link should produce her vocabulary lessons on youtube

this links to a channel that focuses on vocabulary - with pictures and voice-over

channel link to basic video showing words while you hear the pronunciation - skip other languages

household vocabulary, beginning level, voice-over with pictures

You Tube video

All-around English education


A fun guy from England who teaches a little of everything



role over with mouse and listen to minimal pairs - quick and easy

listen to North American English pronunciation, record your voice and compare, watch videos and record your voice saying the same thing
more minimal pair practice, old format, but works

simple english news
very simple beginning / intermediate listening only, spoken very slowly, some interesting content

EnglishMeeting discussion podcasts
controversial discussions led by an ESL instructor, international discussants

voa news
listening only, have to download a file, content is more sophisticated, news items read slowly and clearly

commercial site from Houghton Mifflin, but very helpful and completely FREE, listening, vocabulary, and spelling, all rolled into one! Designed for kids, but anyone can benefit at a beginning/low intermediate level! Many, many exercises here.

click “pronunciation games” -you listen to British English pronunciation and click on the right answer, beginners only

I know that
drag and drop listening activities for kids, but anyone can use
an annoying pop-up asking you to register appears, just click on “Maybe Later” and you’ll automatically proceed to the exercise






mostly audio, some video

You must download the itunes software to access the directory and podcasts. There is some good material here. Most of it is free.

Audio can be downloaded to a computer or mp3 player. This means students can use there time more efficiently by listening when commuting, exercising, cooking, in waiting rooms, etc.

Your images may look a little different, due to computer type and version of the itunes software.

When you open the itunes software:

1. Go to the itunes store & click podcasts


2. At the upper right hand corner, type in the search box: ESL

3. Click on “podcasts” (lower right area)

4. You will now see ESL podcasts (audio/video programs) for students

5. Click “more results” in the bottom right-hand corner for more listings

6. Try various searches, for example, try searching for "esl pronunciation"

You will see some music in the listings that has nothing to do with ESL - just ignore those

this was helpful

Dave Sconda

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