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Taiwan can be a great choice for your future teaching adventure abroad. Consider the amount you will be paid, the demands of the job, living expenses, level of comfort, fun/social activities, people, and transportation as the beginning criteria for selecting a destination. Living & teaching in a foreign country can be extremely fulfilling & educating, but it's not for everyone. Learn and enjoy by watching the videos below!


Tim and Ellen share their experience teaching and living in Taiwan. They express some helpful information. Note that most living arrangements are not as nice as theirs and most people don't save $1000 (US) or more a month, although it is possible. This video is affiliated with an English school in Taiwan. Remember there are many schools to choose from. Do your research online before making a decision!


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A few English teachers discuss transportation & language challenges in Taiwan. People are often afraid of traveling or teaching in a foreign country because of language issues. Many people that teach abroad don't speak the native language of their host country, so don't let this stop you from going! This video includes a clip of a children's class being taught.


A South African woman speaks about her experiences including Tai Chi, hot springs & night markets, what makes for a good group of students, challenges like ordering food, traffic, & summer humidity. Note that this video is produced by a school in Taiwan, but I find much of what is said to be accurate. Also note that life can be more stressful than this video reveals.


Follow two teachers during a day of their lives teaching & living in Taiwan. Different class situations are shown here. Jobs teaching children are the most abundant. These teachers enjoy it. Other topics covered include saving $, different types of students, morning & afternoon schedules, language issues, enjoying time with friends, & eating at the famous Shilin Night Market (Taipei). It is important to have friends of your own. If you don't go there with a friend (most don't) you will probably make friends with the teachers at your school. Just be sure to make friends with the right type of people and you will enjoy yourself much more.


A human resources director living in Taiwan for 11 years provides a different perspective & much helpful information about living and teaching English in Taiwan. Some highlights include different types of toilets, misguided notions about teaching in Taiwan, cable TV channels in English, Chinese medical practices, gyms (can be expensive), & a good launching point for traveling elsewhere. Most people don't live in a place this large. This video is from an English language school in Taiwan.

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