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Korea can be a great choice if you want to live in a foreign country and teach English. There are many opportunities here. Many choose Korea for the rate of pay and the cultural experience. Visa requirements have changed since 12/07, so do some research in this area if you want to teach here.


Learn about teaching English in Korea from someone who has been there for 5 years. Much helpful information here including profitability, different types of schools to teach at, split-shift schedules, life in Seoul and Pusan. Note that visa requirements for Korea have become more stringent.




Kevin tells us more about visas while teaching English in Korea. The video quality is poor but the information is still relevant & useful even though requirements have been updated since 12/07 (see videos below). Highlights include: differences between Korean & Japanese visas, letter of release, teaching privately and what surprises could occur- be careful! New requirements for KOREA ONLY include:criminal background check, hiv test, drug test, etc. For more info click here.


5:09 Living Space, not bad! A brand new teacher has positive comments about his students and shows us his apartment. His space includes a bed, comforter, refrigerator, washing machine (no dryer), stove, microwave, desk, bookshelf, & a decent bathroom-all paid for by his school. It appears he has wood floors too. Korea seems to offer better accommodations than most countries, but I recommend asking your potential school specific questions regarding apartments before you commit- maybe you can get a bit more if you ask.


A recruiter and a news anchor discuss the new policies for foreigners teaching in Korea. Very interesting and helpful information related here.


More interesting information regarding new visa requirements for Korea due to unfortunate circumstances. This is a news broadcast from Canada.


Watch an English teacher in Korea conduct an interesting class activity for an advanced English class. This video shows how you can be creative in your methods and some good ways to relate to your students.


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