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It is hard to ignore the great attributes of China including culture, the world’s most populous nation, fast growing economy, Confucian values, unique political structure, and change/development. What a great time to experience this! Most schools claim you will make enough to live “comfortably” but compared to your home country, this will probably be significantly less. Also, make sure you know what your living arrangements will be like before embarking. Travel here for the experience-very exotic. Use the videos below to learn more as you go through your decision making process. Good luck!


6:32 Peter Amico shows us a full day of his life living & teaching in China. It is clear he enjoys it and is very friendly with his students & other Chinese people he interacts with daily. You will get a glimpse of transportation, food, classrooms, students (they speak out & have a great sense of humor!), restrooms, a bus driver, & his apartment.

Let's face it, most of us never have such an experience in a lifetime.


Want to learn more about teaching abroad?


7:32 You'll enjoy this account from two Australian adventurers, Damien & Rebecca, who relate how much they enjoy teaching their expressive & enthusiastic children. Games & presentations are some methods utilized with success. The teachers also explain benefits, like a four day work week allowing much time for exploring & traveling. Other attributes: trusting people who are easy to make friends with, much to see & do. If you're considering China, they say "just do it!"


3:06 More perspectives on the Chinese experience. These folks are in Macau. Highlights include friendly people willing to help you, locals make an effort to speak English, fun activities like dancing (clubs), massage, dining, & traveling. You'll even seen some clips from a Chinese wedding. I think I want to go now. :-)


5:26 Teachers from Canada, New Zealand, America, & Australia tell us why they came to China to teach English-very interesting! You will find them all to be very different from each other with varied backgrounds / education. You may relate to some of these adventurous people as you work through your decision making process. This video is associated with an English school.


2:37 Teaching English in China's countryside! Three young sisters step into a new world (without a flinch) as they help children learn English.

I only wish I could have had this experience at 17. How about you?


9:23 Laura teaches English in Shanghai, China & brings us along throughout her day. Some highlights include the subway, taxis, fun social life,& her school with very nice facilities. Note that most schools are not as well equipped as this. She mentions a 25 hour work week, but this does not include class preparation and grading time, which amounts to an 8 hour day. She also discusses why you might want to consider using a placement agency. There are many to choose from. Much helpful information here.


5:41 Two teachers talk about some concerns they had before leaving their home country to teach English in China, such as not speaking Chinese & fitting in with the community. They happily explain that it wasn't scary (living in China) and they gained many attributes like making new friends, exploring good food, new skills: time management, communication, assessing, importance of encouraging others. Some tips like having a phrase book & learning a bit about the culture before arriving are given.

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